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Here are some of the main reasons to use search engine marketing as the key element of your business development strategy:

  1. Highly focused audience – get your content in front of audience that is already looking for it; all for a low-cost of investment.
  2. Measurable investment – make absolutely informed decisions when it comes to advertising budgets. SEM enables success tracking and analysis in real time, so that you can always measure your return on investment and change your advertising priorities accordingly.
  3. All device coverage – reach your audience regardless of the device type they are using; because SEM shows ads on all devices. You can also create mobile campaigns that will advertise on mobile devices solely.
  4. Pay only for relevant traffic – campaigns can be limited by geography, days of the week, time-of-day, keywords, devices etc.

The PPC Marketing process I defined; allows me to create a campaign strategy that is specifically designed to meet your business needs after predefined KPI’s.


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  1. Client Discovery – Includes: New client’s website and campaign analysis. Creating baseline PPC performance reports based on previous period performance data analysis. Keyword research and delivery of potential keyword list to client for review. Analysis of competition’s keywords and ad copy, and delivery of them to client for review.
  2. Strategy Development – Includes: Defining of Paid Search, Display, and Remarketing campaigns. Suggesting the ad copy, landing page recommendations, targeting methodologies and recommended budget.
  3. Display Creative & Campaign Setup – Includes: Landing page design and implementation; display banners design and implementation. Campaign setup and implementation. Google Analytics setup and implementation.
  4. Optimization – Includes: Bid optimizations every 2 days. Keyword optimization every week. Addition of negative keywords every week. Ad copy review and optimization every week. Ad hoc: ad extensions setup and review, campaign settings setup and review, landing page updates and optimization. Changes can also be made outside of schedule as per client’s request.
  5. Analysis & Reporting – Includes: Day-to-day full time availability to clients for all questions and suggestions. Bi-weekly meetings with clients to recap on the changes from previous period and determining the strategy and changes to be made for the next period. Monthly and quarterly performance reports.

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Take a look at my portfolio for references of happy clients and details of services provided. Ask for a free review of your AdWords account; or schedule a call with me for more information.