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Google AdWords



After taking over and re-structuring of this AdWords account – the conversions started pouring in. Average sales value of each lead would cover the whole month of cost for advertising. The client’s industry: IT Services – Cloud computing.


I have extensive experience in working with high daily campaign budgets, and turning them into high converting investments for my clients. Here in the screenshot you can find 7 days data for an account that has a daily spend of $1,400. As you can see, the ads were focused on the search network only, with conversion rate at 4.51%. The lowest sale value for each lead is $250, at cost of $40.61 per lead. The client’s industry: IT Services – Software development.


Take a look at conversion rates that I achieved at monthly ad spend of more than $20,000. The positive conversion rate of 7.63% at cost of $97.63 per conversion show that Adwords campaigns for this client were a smart investment. Sales value for each lead was ranging from $25 – $500 per month, which means that their ROI varies between $5,350 and $107,000 per month. Client’s industry: IT Services – Sales Software.


Take a look at this simple graph showing the rise in conversions within 3 months after taking over an account. The client’s industry: Finance – Education.


This screenshot shows the performance of display campaigns during 7 days of data. The CTR for all enabled campaigns was 0.63% which is twice as higher than industry average CTR on the display network. The cost per conversion was $19.52, and average sales value for each lead started from $380 and higher, depending on which product was purchased. Based on that, the average weekly ROI for this client was $20,900 on every $1,073 spent, just on the display network. Client’s industry: Medical research products and services.


This screenshot shows conversion rates for an ecommerce client. Conversion type: transaction that brought 1,917 conversions showed a conversion rate of 10.01% during the 30 days period. The average sales value for each lead varied from $12- $69 per product which counts as an ROI between $23,352 and $132,274 dollars per month at cost of $19,004 per month. The client’s industry: Beauty Industry.


This screenshot shows account performance of a Google Non-Profit account, with one month date range. I managed to keep the spend high, hitting the monthly limit of $10,000; as well as keeping the  CTR higher than 1% and cost per click below $2. After keeping the same level of performance for this account for 6 months; it was accepted for a Grantspro program level; that enabled them access to monthly credit of $40,000 for advertising. Client’s industry: Counseling services.


This screenshot shows the size of budgets that I worked with, as well as number of conversions that the accounts had in 30 days period. Some of these accounts were sub-manager accounts which means that budgets were split into several accounts equally, which doesn’t show on this screenshot. The screenshot only shows totals.


This screenshot shows the daily budget for remarketing purposes only. The campaign spent $94,038 during the 30 days period, generating 4,900 conversions. The lowest sale value for each lead was $79 which counts as an ROI of $387,100 at the cost of $94,038.


This screenshot shows sub-manager accounts that I ran for one client. The total monthly ad spend was split into 14 accounts, all for the same client.